Time Tracking and Billing With an SEO Expert

As a possible SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert there are several ways you get engaged together with your client. You, just as one expert in SEO, know very well what steps you are going to follow to acquire the targeted websites to position well in the major search engines like google. The steps typically include:

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1. Analyzing the web site content
2. Analyzing the competition
3. Analyzing the target keywords
4. Suggesting a on-page SEO strategy
5. Performing backlink building considering the targeted keywords
6. Receiving the payment for the efforts and time you put in

Whereas all these jobs are very important for your work, the best goal still continues to be same that is, earning money in lieu of the Search engine optimization you offer. This produces a requirement of correct and fair billing system which lets you charge for whatever efforts you invested to your clients.  billig seo

However, not invariably you can bill the clients judging by some tangible items; instead, you should bill them per hour, i.e. using the time spent performing specific work related activities. Also, occasionally you also need to imply to them how are you organizing your time and effort (probably, your team's time too) taking into consideration the priorities and volume of work and efforts.

This really is where the need for an outstanding billing and time tracking software arises for an SEO expert. In a good time tracking and billing system, a search engine specialist should be able to log his/her time combined with the activities performed on a regular basis. The frequency of filling time might still depend upon the availability of time and priority of the performed activities. You could possibly fill the time on a regular basis, weekly basis, as well as multiple times in a day. By doing this you can always keep a record of precisely how much time was spent a little bit of work such as submitting link for a website.

This information may then be used for the billing your client based on the agreed rates for every of your services. An important advantage of using a good time tracking and billing product is the transparency between work and client's requirements. You'll find multiple other features of using a good time tracking and billing system, as listed below:

1. It may help you to resolve conflicts with client of a particular task performed. It's possible to make them refer to the agreements and show the progress.
2. It assists to you to smartly distribute the work within your team of people. In line with the hours worked on particular activities along with their results, you can find out the competence parts of people and assign the correct tasks to them.
3. It gives you a holistic view of which activities you are spending extra time unnecessarily. When you have a report of what took the most of time and if it wasn't worth it, you can slow up the time spent in that activity to increase the value outcome of your projects and increase the revenue also.